Applying for DSS supports

Students can apply for supports / reasonable accommodations from the Disability Support Service (DSS) at any time but we would strongly advise students who need supports for lectures and exams to contact the DSS as early as possible in the academic year. There are application deadlines each semester for exam supports.


  • Please see for a list of students we support.
  • If you were eligible for DARE or received a DARE place in MTU and need support you will need to apply to the DSS - this is not automatically granted. If you were not eligible for DARE or didn't apply for DARE you can still apply for DSS supports.
  • We encourage students who may need an academic personal assistant, sign language interpreters, access to campus/buildings, or mobility training to e-mail for an early needs assessment in August/early September even if they have not started in MTU.
  • Students should be aware of the MTU Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Student) and the MTU DSS Student Data – Privacy Notice when applying to the DSS.


Step 1 Fill out application form

Please click the red button below to access the online DSS application form.

You must complete all sections and click "Submit" at the end in order for the DSS to receive a completed form. We will not know if you only partially complete the form.


 Application Form 2022/23



Please email if you need support in filling out the form, have a query, or need the form in an alternative format.


  • You should be a current MTU student or have an offer of a course - please make sure you have your MTU/course information available when filling out the form.
  • MTU students who have already completed a needs assessment with the DSS do NOT need to fill out a new application form each academic year.
  • Information for Craft apprentices and application deadlines.
  • Information for Erasmus and International students
  • If you indicated a learning difference/disability/health condition and/or applied to DARE on your CAO form, the DSS staff should have access to this information/documents in September of the year you have applied. However you will still need to apply to the DSS to avail of supports, there is no automatic application/provision of supports.


STEP 2 - Provide documents

Students should scan in documents with evidence/diagnosis of your learning difference, health condition or disability and email them to

  • If you have already submitted your documents to the CAO / DARE, you do not need to bring in another copy unless you have new or updated information.
  • Please submit as much information as possible including full diagnosis and/or a history of receiving supports in previous education - see below for more details. Please see our Documents webpage for more details.
  • All supports will be confirmed in the needs assessment. Please e-mail us if you have any queries:


Step 3 - Needs Assessment

To complete your application for supports / reasonable accommodations you will have a needs assessment which confirms these supports. The DSS may request a meeting with you as part of confirming your needs assessment/supports.

Your supports / reasonable accommodations are confirmed in a needs assessment document which is emailed to your MTU email. You can use this to inform your academic lecturers of your reasonable accommodations and/or request supports. You may be referred to DSS support stafff as part of your needs assessment.


Exam supports – DSS Application deadlines

You may be entitled to access exam supports, such as extra time, use of a computer to type, use of reading software, or a smaller shared exam room, which are confirmed in your Needs Assessment. With your permission, the DSS will also inform the Examinations staff in your campus of these supports.

There may be other procedures in terms of requesting supports directly from your lecturer for assessments that you will be emailed about.

Please check up-to-date information and request forms on the Examinations Office dedicated webpage.


End-of-semester exams DSS application deadlines
You must have applied to the DSS and received a needs assessment by the dates below in order to request exam supports for end-of-semester (final) timetabled exams on campus. This applies to students in all Cork campuses.

Please note Craft Apprentices have different application deadlines and should check their webpage for details.

  • Semester 1 exams:
Friday 11 November 2022
  • Semester 2 exams:
Thursday 16 March 2023
  • August (repeat) exams:
Friday 7 July 2023


Students who apply to the DSS after these dates will be accommodated in the next exam session, but can still access extra time in the current exam session (if entitled).


Students with temporary disabilities such as broken hands should contact the Examinations staff in their campus directly to see what supports are possible.

For more details please see the MTU Examinations page.