Applying for DSS supports

Students with a learning difference, health condition, or disability can apply for supports / reasonable accommodations from the Disability Support Service (DSS) at any time. We strongly advise students who need supports for lectures and exams to contact the DSS as early as possible in the academic year. There are deadlines each semester for requesting exam supports – see below.


Students should be aware of the MTU Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Student) and the MTU DSS Student Data – Privacy Notice when applying to the DSS especially around confidentiality. These are available at


Please read the following before applying:

  • You should be a current MTU student or have an offer of a course.
  • Students need to apply for support even if you were eligible for DARE or not – there is no automatic application/provision of supports.
  • Students who may need an academic personal assistant, sign language interpreters, access to campus/buildings, or mobility training should e-mail for an early needs assessment in August.
  • Information for Craft apprentices.
  • Information for Erasmus and International student
  • MTU students who have already completed a needs assessment with the DSS do NOT need to fill out a new application form each academic year. They can request a review of supports by emailing
  • Students with temporary injuries/disabilities such as broken hands should contact their academic department and Examinations staff in their campus directly to see what supports are possible.




Step 1 Fill out application form

Please click the red button below to access the online DSS application form.

You must complete all sections and click "Submit" at the end in order for the DSS to receive a completed form. We will not know if you only partially complete the form.


 Application Form



Please email if you need support in filling out the form, have a query, or need the form in an alternative format.




STEP 2 - Provide evidence of disability

You should provide evidence of your learning difference, health condition or disability evidence of disability such as:

  • Diagnosis report from relevant professional. OR
  • Letter/statement from previous education outlining information and /or supports related to your learning difference, disability or health condition. OR
  • Letter from a health professional supporting you providing details related to your learning difference, disability or health condition and impact of this. 

Please see our Evidence of disability webpage for more details and email us with any queries at

You can scan in documents (all pages) and email them to This is a confidential email.



Please note:

  • If you have already submitted your documents to the CAO / DARE, you do not need to send in another copy unless you have new or updated information.
  • Other forms of evidence may be accepted- please email us at



Step 3 - Needs Assessment

To complete your application for supports / reasonable accommodations you will then be invited a needs assessment meeting. 

Your supports / reasonable accommodations are confirmed in a needs assessment document which is emailed to your MTU email. 

You can use this to inform your academic lecturers of your reasonable accommodations and/or request supports. You may also be referred to DSS supports as part of your needs assessment.


Students should be aware of the MTU Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Student) and the MTU DSS Student Data – Privacy Notice when applying to the DSS. These are available at



Exam supports – DSS Application deadlines

In order to request exam supports for end-of-semester (final) you must have applied to the DSS and received a needs assessment by certain dates in order to request exam supports for these exams.

  • Full time /part-time students: See this webpage for details. 
  • Craft apprentices: see this webpage for details.