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The DSS Transitions Programme for MTU Cork campus is a PATH funded initiative and part of the SOAR Project which is an inter-institutional collaboration on access.

We have a part-time Transitions Programme Coordinator who provides support for autistic students or students who identify as being on the Autism Spectrum. This programme offers support at a pre-entry, entry and post-entry level.  It provides support, guidance and the opportunity for reflection for students as they begin the process of moving to a new educational environment.

Support for MTU Cork campus students

The Transitions Support Programme offers mentoring/coaching support for new DSS students as they make the transition into college, specifically for students who identify as being on the autism spectrum.

  • New students can access transitions support during their first year in university.
  • The Transitions Programme Coordinator, Julie O’Donovan, will provide guidance, support and collaboration on the expectations of this new learning environment. Students may find this transition challenging and are offered the opportunity to engage one to one with Julie to work together on accessing their educational goals.
  • This could include getting to know your campus, engaging with your lecturers, how to effectively use your needs assessment, understanding how college works, and building communications skills.
  • Transition activities will also run throughout the academic year.
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Information for new students

  • Download the PREPARE guide for 2022 (PDF - 2MB) - a tool for new students giving information about MTU Cork campus and the DSS.

The front page of the PREPARE guide with welcome text and table of contents with picture of MTU





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Julie O'Donovan

Transitions Programme Coordinator

Disability Support Service - MTU Cork campus

Assistive Technology Service, (ground floor) Student Centre

Munster Technological University