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Disability Support Service for students with disabilities/learning differences/health conditions




The CIT Disability Support Service (DSS) welcomes any student to register with us if they need some support due to their learning difference, disability or health condition. We can guide and support you to access your courses and we work hard to ensure that the DSS is a place that you can go to in confidence to look for support and help.


Our aim is to encourage the participation and access of students with learning differences, disabilities and health conditions into third level education. Every student with a disability has the right to reasonable and appropriate accommodations determined on an individual basis according to the student’s certified disability/learning difference/health condition. The DSS is supported by the the ESF Fund for Students with Disabilities run by the Higher Education Authority (HEA). It is an objective of the Third Level Access which is co-funded by the Department of Education and Skills and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.


Contacting the Disability Support Service

Please note that email is the quickest way of receiving a response from DSS staff as we may be busy meeting students when you call -

Make sure to include your name, CIT student number or CAO number and date of birth in any emails.

See our Contact details page for more information: access_disability/disability-support-service/dss-contact-details



We would encourage students who may need supports while they are at CIT to register with us as early as possible in the academic year, but they can do so any time of the year.

Information on how to register with the DSS is available here : access_disability/disability-support-service/registering



CIT DSS operates a strict confidentiality policy and we cannot disclose any information about the student to parents, lecturers, etc. unless we have the student's consent. Information that students share with us is confidential unless some information you disclose to the DSS may be considered to put us on notice of a serious health and safety /child protection risk to you and/or other students/staff, the Institute has a legal duty of care to ensure that you and/or other students/staff are safe. In this case we may need share this information but we would ideally speak to you first. Personal data will be removed/protected from any such information that needs to be shared in so far as possible.


Supports available for CIT students

We support a wide range of students across all campuses. Please click on the pages to the left for more details of some of the support available.

Students need to register fully with the service before they can access any of the supports listed below. See our registration page and Student Guide for more information.


Fund for Students with Disabilities

There is a fund available to eligible full-time students with disabilities called the Fund for Students with Disabilities which can provide specific academic supports, personal assistants, sign language interpreters etc.  The ESF Fund for Students with Disabilities run by the Higher Education Authority (HEA). It is an objective of the Third Level Access measure which is co-funded by the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

The Disability Support Officer makes applications to the Fund on behalf of an eligible student after an assessment of need with the student. For more information please see access_disability/disability-support-service/financial-support and