New/Incoming students

  • If you need any supports for your lectures or exams when you are at MTU Cork campus because of your learning difference, health condition or disability you will need to apply to the Disability Support Service (DSS) once you have received your MTU Cork campus place.
  • If you need an academic personal assistant for physical tasks, sign language interpreters, physical access to campus/buildings, or mobility training, please email as soon as possible so we can arrange an early Needs Assessment with you before college starts.
  • The DSS 2021/22 Student Guide gives a good overview of DSS/MTU supports.
  • If you have a specific query please email with your name, date of birth, and CAO/MTU student number.

New Student DSS Orientation 2021:

We had two Zoom Orientations for new MTU students on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th September 2021. The orientations included an opportunity to meet the DSS team, find out a bit more about the DSS, and hear from current MTU DSS students. An edited recording of Thursday's event is below.



Transitions programme for new students on the autism spectrum - 2021

  • The DSS has a transitions programme for autistic students who are new to MTU Cork campus in 2021.
  • Download the PREPARE guide for 2021 (PDF - 1MB)
  • Transitions programme talk for students and parents /guardians 30 September 2021-  slides (PDF - 2 MB)

Parents/Guardians information 2021

An online Parents/Guardians information night was on Monday 20th September 6.00-7.00pm.

  • Slides of the presentation (PDF - 1.6MB)
  • If you have any questions please email  But please be aware of the confidential nature of our service we can only discuss details of student with their written permission.


College Preparation Sessions SEPTEMBER 2021

The DSS is also ran a number of online workshops for new students before they started university.

These include College Preparations sessions on tips for academic and self management skills with Learning support and Transitions support staff, and Assistive technology tools demonstrations with the Assistive Technology Officer.

Resources are available on the DSS Canvas module and Learning Support and Assistive Technology pages. Students can contact the DSS for instructions on how to enrol on the module


DSS supports


Information about the MTU Cork DSS supports is in our Student guide.

Our website has information about the different supports and information that might apply to you:

If you think you need supports/ reasonable accommodations for accessing your course, your lectures, or exams you must apply to the DSS in order to these - see our Applying for Supports webpage.



CAO and DARE information and offers

  • Information about the DARE places available and the offers process is on our webpage:
  • If you are eligible for DARE you will be considered for reduced points places if needed and these offers will be made in the CAO round 1.
  • Students who are or who are not eligible for DARE who get a MTU place on their own merit are welcome to apply for DSS supports.
  • For more information about starting a course at MTU Cork in the new academic year please see the Admissions webpage: and you can also e-mail them at or make an appointment to speak to someone on their page.


Student accommodation

If you need accommodation in Cork and have not secured this so far please be aware that there is a severe shortage of accommodation for students. The MTU Cork Student Accommodation office has information on their website: 

Unfortunately the DSS was unable to come to an agreement with private student accommodation providers so we cannot help students to source accommodation.


DSS Queries

If you have any queries please email and please include your name, date of birth and CAO number.