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Applying for DSS supports

Students can apply for supports / reasonable accommodations from the Disability Support Service (DSS) at any time but we would strongly advise students who need supports for lectures and exams to contact the DSS as early as possible in the academic year. Please see here for a list of students we support.

  • We encourage students who may need an academic personal assistant, sign language interpreters, access to campus/buildings, or mobility training to e-mail for an early needs assessment in July/August.
  • Our 2019/20 Guide gives details of the DSS supports available:
  • If you have any queries please email

step 1 fill out application form

Please click on red button below to apply for DSS supports:

We recommend that you complete the online application form using a computer and not on a mobile phone.


2019/20 Application Form (click to open)


Please e-mail if you cannot use or complete the online form or want to request this in an alternative format.

  • You should be a current CIT student - please make sure you have your course information available when filling out the form.
  • You must complete all sections and click "Submit" at the end in order for the DSS to receive a completed form. We will not know if you only partially complete the form.
  • Information for Apprentices:
  • If you have already indicated a learning difference/disability/health condition on your CAO form for this year, the DSS staff will have this information and documentation if provided. However you will still need to apply to the DSS to avail of supports.


Students should scan in documents and email them to or you can give a photocopy of your documents with evidence/diagnosis of your learning difference, health condition or disability into the Access Service (8.30am - 4.30pm ground floor Student Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus) where the DSS is based.

If you have already submitted your documents to the CAO / DARE you do not need to bring in another copy unless you have new or updated information.

Please submit as much information as possible including full diagnosis and/or a history of receiving supports - see below for more details. Please see this webapge for more details:

All supports will be confirmed in the needs assessment. Please e-mail us if you have any queries:


Step 3 - Needs Assessment

To complete your application for DSS supports / reasonable accommodations you will receive a needs assessment document which confirms these. You will have the option of meeting a DSS staff member to discuss this in more detail / the DSS may request a meeting with you.

You can use your needs assessment document to inform your academic lecturers of your reasonable accommodations and/or request supports. You may need to attend a meeting with DSS supports if the DSS identify you need further support from these areas.


Exam supports – 2019/2020 APPLICATION deadlineS 

You may be entitled to access exam supports, such as extra time, use of a computer to type, use of reading software, or a smaller shared exam room, which are confirmed in your Needs Assessment. With your permission, the DSS will also inform the Examinations staff in your campus of these supports.


End-of-semester exams DSS application deadlines
You must have applied to the DSS and received a needs assessment by the dates below in order to request exam supports for end-of-semester (final) timetabled exams. This applies to students in all campuses.

Please note Apprentices have different deadlines and should check here for details:

  • Semester 1 exams:
Friday 1st November 2019
  • Semester 2 exams:
Friday 20th March 2020
  • August (repeat) exams:
Friday 10th July 2020

Students who apply to the DSS after these dates will be accommodated in the next exam session and can still access extra time (if entitled).


Students with temporary disabilities such as broken hands should contact the Examinations staff in their campus directly to see what supports are possible.

For more details please see the CIT Exams page.