I've applied to MTU Cork via the CAO, what happens now?

 The Assessment Process for CAO Applicants


Once you have made an application through the CAO you will receive confirmation of your application from the CAO to the email address you have provided. 
You will receive an email from MTU Cork Campus prior to CAO offers being made, advising you of CAO offer dates and alternative options available to you in the event that you do not receive an offer of a place on a course in MTU Cork Campus.
Mature Applications (to year 1 courses) i.e. those that have had the mature student box ticked and have provided a personal statement will be assessed by the relevant Departments in MTU Cork in May.
Some departments will call mature applicants for interview, others will base assessment on the personal statement provided by the applicant. 
If a QQI/FETAC applicant also presents with a Leaving Certificate, the CAO will use whichever is the better of the Leaving Certificate points or the QQI points. The full QQI award may be accumulated over more than one academic year.

Please see the CAO offer dates below according to the type of application made or visit www.cao.ie/?page=timetableevents&bb=importantdates


Application Type CAO Year 1 Offers Round Dates:

  • Mature Applicant (Statement of Interest provided): Round A - early July 
  • Mature Applicant (Statement of Interest provided)/QQ applicants: Round 0 - early August 
  • Leaving Certificate: Round 1 - mid August 
  • Leaving Certificate: Round 2  - end August/beginning Sept

See www.cao.ie for further information on all of the above.