Interested in going to college as a Mature Student?

I am interested in going to college but I don’t know what I want to do


Tips To Help You Make Choices About Your Career

The information provided below is aimed at adults considereing a return to education.

Sometimes we are not aware of the array of options open to us and many of us may not have thought about ourselves and what we want from a career.  Reflecting on yourself can increase your awareness of what you want from a job or career.  Here are some steps and resources to help you with this process;

First Step: Self-Reflection

  • Do you know what skills you have to offer an employer?
  • What are your interests?
  • What motivates you in a job?
  • What part does your personality play in your choice of career?

Second Step: Know What’s Out There

  1. Labour Market Information

Research the current labour market and the area you are interested in working in.

Read more on or

2. Training & Education

  • is a website with a database of thousands of courses in Ireland at all levels including full-time and part-time at Third Level as well as distance learning courses amongst many others.
  • is another great resource to research the various types of courses available at all levels. 
  • has a great Further Education and Training Course Hub 

Third Step: Make a Choice

If you would like some professional assistance with making a career decision, a list of private Career Advisors is available by contacting T:021 433 5772 or if you are in receipt of a Social Welfare payment you may access the Adult Guidance Service provided through your local ETB.

Please note: MTU Cork’s Careers & Counselling Service is only available for full-time registered students, apprentices and graduates up to one year after college and is not available to prospective students.