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Exam Supports

Examination Supports

The Disability Support Service liaises with the Examinations Office to provide exam support to students with disabilities for their assessments and end of semester examinations. CIT has a Disability  Administrator in the Exams Office who arranges these supports in partnership with the Disability Support Officer.

Supports include:

  • Provision of a laptop /scribe
  • Provision of a reading software /reader
  • Extra time (10 minutes per hour)
  • Access to laptops / assistive technology
  • Separate/shared/smaller exam centres

Registration deadlines

Please note in order for the DSS to confirm with the Exams Office what exam supports a student is entitled to, students must register fully with the Disability Support Service (includes going to a meeting) by these dates:

All DSS students will have to email the Exams Office ( directly for each exam session to confirm what supports they wish to use for their end-of-semester exams by a certain date. For more details please see the CIT Exams page

2016/17 Exam Session DSS registration for exam supports deadline Informing Exams Office deadline
Semester 1 (Christmas): Friday 28th October 2016 Friday 4th November 2016
Semester 2 (summer): Friday 10th March 2017 Friday 17th March 2017
Repeat/August exams: Friday 7th July 2017 Friday 14th July 2017


For queries, contact:

Agnes Looney
Disability Administrator
Examinations Office, Melbourn Building, CIT, Bishopstown. 
Telephone: 021 433 5049

Further information: 

For further information regarding exam supports, please go to the CIT Exams Website